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Looking for any service provider, often times, is a job that is easier said than done. We live in a country that has more than a billion people, which in itself is somewhat of an explanation to why we cannot seem to find people when we need them! There will be a number of individuals offering a certain service of one’s interest, to choose from them can become quite a task.
As times have progressed there has been an emphasis on smart work rather than hard work. Millennials today, seem to live and die by that rule. So, to make one part of your lives easier, our team at Men@Work has put together a platform that gives you access to an extensive list of individuals that may offer the service you are looking for. Be it home remedies like a handyman or an electrician, or something personal like a beautician or a masseuse, we get you in touch with individuals who are professionals in their field of work, rather than with an organisation, making our solution comparatively more effective and not to mention it’s quite a time saver.
We simply act as a medium in helping anyone in need, find skilled personnel to tend to their matters. Having realised the number of professionals who maybe otherwise difficult to contact, it was quite evident how such a platform could make things easier for both the consumer and the proprietor. The fact that our service is completely free of cost only makes this arrangement as sweet as the famed icing on the rhetorical cake!
Our core group at men@work has been in this industry for over two decades and we have realised where betterments could have been made and set out in own endeavour to help make people’s lives easier.
The services that we have to offer are not restricted just to the confines of your home. We get you in touch with professionals that are capable of lending services at your work place also. Graphic designers, lawyers, architects are some of the services that you can choose to avail through our platform.
The hassle that a lot of us may have gone through to get some basic service, is something of the past now. We have taken this initiative to save the common folk time and effort, not to mention the incredibly quick fix we get them for whatever it is that ails them!


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The fact that our service is completely free of cost only makes this arrangement as sweet as the famed icing on the rhetorical cake!

what we do?

Health & Wellness

Physical activity is an important component in leading a healthy life.Health & Wellness can help you reach your fitness goals. Our health educators can meet with you for a variety of fitness services.

Home Cleaning

We provide detailed house cleaning services for our valued clients. You can depend on us for thorough maid services so that you can enjoy a clean home without the hassle of cleaning yourself.

Party and Event Services

Allow your vision, taste and expectation become reality without the stress. Our Party and Event Planner takes the hassle out of happiness, making your moment in time unforgettable.

Wedding Services

With so many components to a wedding, we know you need the team of experienced wedding planners to take your vision and make it the reality.Planning and monitoring the budget related to weddings and events to execute your special day with no holds barred.

electronics services

We can repair many types of electronic and electromechanical equipment,normally without any schematics or technical information. Whenever possible we utilize functional test methods that are similar to that of the manufacturer.

Home Design & Construction

we provide state-of-the-art support and leadership to achieve the owner’s goals regarding quality, schedule, and budget. During the design development phase, we offer conceptual estimates and value enhancement services.

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